Note: We occasionally take photographs for use on our website and social media, or as references for training. These are usually taken on our Saturday high-grade classes, where we have fewer students who have been with the club longer. It is always stated at the start of class if we are planning to take photographs and students have the option to opt out. When occasionally taking photos at our Kinsgstanding dojo, everyone will be made aware that we are taking photographs and given the option to opt out.

Students Ben Coleman and Simon Sheridan, along with Simon's wife Tanya, are the only people with permission to take photographs for the club.

Children (under 18) cannot give their own consent, so the consent of a parent or guardian is required. If they are happy to appear, but do not wish to be visible, we can pixelate or blur the face to preserve anonymity. Should a student who has been photographed no longer wish to have their image online, they can ask and we will remove it.