Want to join?

The first class is free, so you've got nothing to lose. Come along on a Thursday before class to have a chat and you can either watch or join in.

The minimum age for joining is 6 years old and the child must be able to know left from right.

If you or your child have any medical conditions or mental health issues, please contact us before attending. If Asthmatic please bring an inhaler.

Please note: for the wellbeing and safety of all students and teachers we reserve the right to refuse students and withdraw membership where it is deemed training is not suitable or potentially harmful for themselves or others.

Wado Shoto Course 2013 01

Wado Academy Licence


After 3 weeks, students must apply for a Wado Academy licence. The cost for a licence is £20 for child (up to 15 years) and £28 for adults (16+). The licence will need to be renewed each year.

The forms for licence application/renewal are available to download from our resources page.

You will need to send away for this yourself. We recommend sending it recorded delivery in case anything goes missing.

If you need help with the forms, please speak to the club secretary before class.

Chubu Karate Club Membership

After 8 weeks, students are required to become a member of Chubu karate club to continue training. The cost is £20 for a child and £25 for an adult. This is a one-off payment and includes a free karate gi (suit).

Karate gis for beginners must be obtained through the club membership.

The forms for Chubu club membership are available to download from our resources page.