High Grade Classes

We are holding monthly training sessions for brown and black belts to focus on high grade work. The training takes a more intimate look at high grade katas, deconstructing them and demonstrating the applications of the techniques. It is a great opportunity to learn these katas and gain a better insight into what they are actually about. At the end of each class, students will have the opportunity to request a kata for the following month, so if you’ve been wanting to go through Naihanchi properly for a while, this is the perfect opportunity.


Training starts at 10am – 12noon. Please arrive early to warm up, as there is no warming up in the class, we go straight into it. Although the classes look at Wado techniques, all styles are welcome. The address is: Moorlands Methodist Church, 206a Hydes Road, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B71 2ED (see below for map).


The dates for 2015 are as follows:

  • Saturday 7th February
  • Saturday 14th March
  • Saturday 11th April
  • Saturday 16th May
  • Saturday 20th June
  • Saturday 18th July
  • Saturday 15th August
  • Saturday 19th September
  • Saturday 17th October
  • Saturday 14th November

For more information, contact Sensei Roger Vickerman on 07720721193 or Sensei Dave Parry on 07903981642.